“ I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much i enjoyed having Stan and his program at the center. His artwork is visually powerful and genuinely moves people. I experienced it myself. His honest non-judgmental approach to the holocaust gives people the opportunity to connect with him and his art work on a level most don’t think possible. The genius is that he doesn’t answer the unanswerable questions about God and the Holocaust rather he visually creates a beautiful platform that allows people to connect to the strength and beauty of Torah through the holocaust. The program allows participants to express their opinions which in many cases are exactly how Stan himself feels.”

Matt Mindell, Executive Director,

Jewish Enrichment Center

“Stan Lebovics art and lecture was a hit. He was able to keep the audience engaged and inspired them to think about the difficult issues that arise when we accept a benevolent God and find suffering and Holocaust in His world. Any thinking individual will find the materials that Mr Lebovic has arranged to possess serious thought, depth and beauty.”

Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

Director of RAJE (Russian Jewish American Experience)

“Hi, just wanted to mention that Stan came to Rutgers tonight and it was great. The students were really engaged, the presentation is so real and the art is truly amazing. Thanks.”

Rabbi Meir Goldberg,

Rutgers Jewish Xperience

“Dear Journal: We had the son of a holocaust survivor come in today. The paintings were amazing. Beautiful, and so meaningful and touching. He is one of my favorite speakers. He completely changed my perception on the Holocaust, which is the cause of much my previous inability to believe in a G-d.”

Student at Rutgers University

“The Holocaust is an integral part of our story, which started a long time ago and is far from being over. Stan Lebovic’c SURREALISTIC images are startling and deeply moving because they are REALISTIC. Because we know that though they look like a FANTASY they are the FACTS. So, we are moved to a different dimension, above the facts towards the TRUTH. And the feeling is breathtaking.”

Julia Chertok

“Yesterday’s speaker was a lot different than anyone we’ve had before. It was cool to see someone who didn’t know how to express their feelings through a normal medium, instead opting to use art to express how he felt.

I feel like his work will receive some recognition when he’s on the road.”

Maxwell Kenneth Unger

University of Michigan ‘15 Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

“I really enjoyed today’s lecture. I was extremely impressed with the art displayed and the stories that went along with each photo. While he was not necessarily a man of many words, the aspects he ended up discussing were very strong and influential. It was very interesting to me that this collection is something he originally did for himself, and is now only recently beginning to share with others. I think of this as a very personal and rewarding project. I would really like to have a copy of his book and share with others the many beautiful photos he has within his collection. I also enjoyed the casual group conversations we had after the break time. We were able to ask really anything we wanted and push forward in a relaxed way where no one felt uncomfortable. I thought this was a great opportunity and I was able to learn more about the Rabbi and his family. Looking forward to next week and hopefully seeing and hearing more about the speakers work!”

Allison Mischel

The University of Michigan Class of 2014 College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Psychology and Criminal Justice Major

“This week Stan Lebovic discussed his artwork that represented his confusion about the Holocaust. This speaker was especially interesting because his thoughts were supported with visual evidence so that we could see his entire thought process. I really enjoyed listening to Stan because he showed us how he was so confused, but explained everything through his art.”

Francesca Shlain

“I was moved by the presentation. It was interesting, and presented a new perspective for me that I hadn’t seen. It would have taken me 30 minutes to absorb each art piece. I see how important it is to see different perspectives.”

Arielle Salsberg, Madison

I loved the exhibit. The talk gave context to the art. It’s cool when people go on a journey, or go through a hard time, and then come back and share it. The presentation was very personal, and yet he was kind enough to share it. The actual art work was thought-provoking and deep. The message I took away was: bad things do happen, but the artist wasn’t trying to ignore them. And that G-d is ultimately good even if we don’t know why.”

Samara Kipnis, Madison

“Just wanted to send this your way. My students (all of them!) loved the speaker, so thanks.”

From: ADAM PIZZI of a public high school

From: Emily Natko [emily.natko@verizon.net]

Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:49 PM


Subject: Holocaust Presentation

“Hi Mr. Pizzi,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for signing me up for the presentation of Stan Lebovic’s artwork. His art is extremely moving, and behind every piece is a very telling story that the artist did not hesitate to share. It gives a whole new perspective on struggling with faith and higher powers. The way he spoke of his work really shed some light into his past and his father’s past. I really enjoyed the presentation, so once again, thank you!”


“Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for organizing our event with Stan Lebovic! It was a great success. We had 24 young professionals there! People really enjoyed and were inspired. There was one guy there that is now willing to learn Torah because this Torah was made so accessible to him. Another girl who is becoming frum now and has struggled with the holocaust and been on and off the derech because of it, was crying and so thankful for the opportunity to hear him speak. The talk really resonated with her and inspired her. Thank you so much, again.

I look forward to working together in the future.”

Risa Brumer 4/24 JAC Arizona

One has to be numb and ignorant not to see a uniqueness and vibrant angle in the Holocaust in his drawings and messages...

Madison , WI

“IT WAS GREAT . His presentation is mesmerizing, and his approach to the research and ultimate answers to his exploration in the form of the art is a semester course at a University, not an hour discussion”.

Stanford University

“Hi Stan, Russ and I want to thank you for inviting us to Stan’s program last night. We were very moved and impressed: it is so rare that someone so creative is at the same time so humble and warm. His book contains much scholarship along with his artistic originality, a really unique combination. I wish Stan much acclaim for his work, and we thank you for giving us his book, which is proudly displayed on our coffee table.”

“Mr. Lebovic presented to an audience of 9th through 12th graders in the auditorium. In his frontal presentation, he described what motivated him and how his art reflects his personal search for meaning about the Holocaust. His passion and sincerity were evident. In addition, we were greatly impressed by his knowledge of Tanach, commentaries, and the works of Jewish philosophers and sages and he interwove Torah sources throughout his discourse.

I would have predicted incorrectly that our students would not be engaged in a program that was not interactive until the question and answer session at the end. Because of the serious nature of the topic and Mr. Lebovic’s erudition, I feared that many of the boys - especially the younger ones - would tune out. It is truly remarkable that Mr. Lebovic held the attention of a diverse group of 150 boys for well over an hour.”

Chanie Moskowitz, Principal of RTMA high school.

“Stan’s presentation gives the audience a completely new perspective on the epic struggle of understanding the atrocities of the Holocaust. Within each piece, there is a poignant message. The fascinating story draws the viewer into each picture. Stan’s explanation makes the event even more meaningful; students walked away with many questions and a new frame of reference to begin the exploration.”

Rabbi Efraim Kamin, Stanford University

“...These [Black is a Color and the Haggadah, Out of Bounds] are not only art books but they are also books of history, of ethics and morality, of philosophy and thought and of hope and challenge. I certainly recommend that they be present in any Jewish home and be perused and studied there regularly. They are a necessary part of Jewish education for a post-Holocaust generation in danger of losing its spiritual and historical moorings...”

Rabbi Beryl Wein, Destiny Foundation